18 survival student recipes for freshers


class="lead">Cooking needn't be hard: These super easy student recipes ideal for Freshers prove it.

Spag bol

student-recipes-howto-15A classic dish made on the cheap - get the spag bol student recipe here or a veggie option here.

Chinese stir fry

Easy-Chinese-chicken-stir-fry-1-700x450Bung it in a wok and 10 or so minutes later you've got a tasty Chinese chicken stir fry

Pizza baguettes

student-recipes-3-700x450Pizza baguettes can't go wrong.

Chilli Con Carne

Chilli-Con-Carne-1Another easy student meal that can feed you for days -> Chilli Con Carne recipe


lasagna6Cheesy pasta goodness: An easy student lasagna recipe

One pan fry up

student-fry-up-full-english-3-700x450A full fry up in one pan, what more does your Sunday need?

Chicken korma

chicken-korma-student-recipe-3Snub the takeaway for a homemade chicken korma

Enchilada casserole

chicken-enchilada-casserole-4A mexican style baked casserole dish that's easy to make - get the recipe here

Vegetarian tacos

veggie-tacos-recipe-1Use Quorn mince for tatsy veggie tacos

Fish pie

fish-pie-recipe-student-4This fish pie recipe makes for a budget busting meal.


nachos-student-3-700x450Who doesn;t love nachos? Get the recipe here!

Pasta bakes

turkey-pastabake-2 Pastabakes are a student staple: Here are 10 yasyu pasta bake student recipes that are easy to make

Sweet on sour chicken dippers

chicken-sweet-sour-chicken-3-700x450Sweet and sour chicken dippers are the ultimate cheating recipe


student-recipes-toastie-19-700x450 Yyou can shove pretty much anything between two slices of fried bread, even a cheese burger. Here are nine yummy toastie recipes

Pizza chips

Can't decide? Combine pizza and chips with this recipe.

A hangover sandwich

It's a fry up in sandwich form. Here's the recipe

Cheese on toast

student-eats-recipe-2-700x450A simple classic: Cheese on toast!

Pizza bagels

pizza-bagels-recipe-3-700x450Pizza bagels need just a trio of ingredients to prepare and only a microwave to prepare.