10 Good Habits for Students: How Top Students Learn


Top students are the ones that are fit, healthy, have a good social life, get enough sleep and get enough studying done, but how do they do it?

Are they secret Borg or Humanoid-Cylon agents? Are they Moroi or Sanguine vampires that have done the course so many times they can use last year’s notes? Here are the things you should be doing if you want to become a top performer without cybernetic implantation or losing your soul.


1 - Write Your Notes Out When You Get Back To Your Dorm

This is one of the simplest yet effective things you can do with your time if you want to become a top student. After classes, go back to your dorm or to the library and type out your notes. If you typed them in class, then expand upon them or categorize them in the evening.

2 - Top Performing Students Read Ahead

You should have a vague idea of what the professor is going to cover in coming lessons, so take the time to read ahead in your textbooks. Reading ahead is great because when the time comes to hear the lecture it helps reaffirm what you already know.

3 - Make Money By Writing In Your Spare Time

You can make money by getting a job and working 15 hours behind a counter, but that is time you could have spent in your dorm studying or hanging out with your friends. Stop wasting so much time and earn a little extra cash by writing for companies online, for example www.greatcontent.co.uk

4 - Start Your Essays The Very Same Day You Receive Them

If you start them the same day you receive them, then in your mind they are an unfinished task. If you wait, then they become just another thing to do. Your mind is far more unsettled by the idea of an unfinished task rather than one you have to start, and your unsettled mind will help drive you towards writing your essays.

5 - Get Every Assignment Done Three Days Before The Deadline

Get your work done three days before it is due and you will never miss a deadline, and you will feel calmer and more relaxed about your studies at college or university. If you cannot get your work done three days before the deadline, then order from assignment writing service AssignmentMasters and let them do it for you.

6 - Do Ten Minutes Of Exercise Every Day

Just ten minutes of exercise is all that is needed. It will keep you strong and alert, and ten minutes of exercise will not ruin your day. It will fly by quickly to the point where you will not mind doing it every day.


7 - Reward Yourself For Going To Bed At 10:30pm

Getting to bed at 10:30pm is the best gift you can give yourself, but it is so difficult to do. It is tough trying to stay away from all the fun things you could be doing and instead go to bed. To counter the feeling that you are missing out, you should find a way to reward yourself for getting to bed for 10:30pm.

8 - Manage Your Time Like A Professional

You can take courses or watch seminars on the Internet on how to manage your time, but many times, it simply involves making a time budget and sticking to it. Try a few techniques with alarm clocks, such as 20 minutes study, 10 minutes gaming, and so on. Here are three alarm clocks you can use to test out the time management techniques you find online - www.nakedalarmclock.com

9 - Associate With High Achievers

We adopt the attitudes of those we associate with. Hang around people that are high achievers and you will find that their influence rubs off on you. You will also find that you hold yourself up to a higher academic standard.

10 - One Day Per Week Eat Only Fruits And Vegetables

You do not have to do it every day, just do it once per week. It helps fill you full of fiber, and will help keep you stronger and more alert. It will help you maintain a good level of energy through the week and undermines the effect of junk food (a junk food diet it grinds you to a halt).

About the author: Thomas Brella

Thomas Brella is the founder of Student Hacks, starting the website in 2013 while studying at the University of Brighton to share tips and tricks on life as a cash-strapped student. He's now spent over 10 years scoping out the best ways to live on a budget

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