21 delicious food hacks for student meals

Student cooking needn't be full of instant pot noodles and baked beans on toast: Here are 15 delicious food hacks for easy and tasty student meals.

Make baked beans on toast actually interesting

Beans on toast is a student staple, here are 9 ways to spruce it up on the cheap.

Yoghurt ice lollies

yoghurt lollies 1
Stick lollipop sticks in yoghurts and shove 'em in the freezer. Enjoy from an hour or two later!

Perfect bacon for sandwiches

bacon hackVia YouTube.com
Form bacon into a lattice to make for the perfect slice in your BLT.


pizza wafflesVia YouTube.com
Re-heat pizzas by folding the slices in half, cutting off the crusts and then use a waffle iron. Alternatively, grill or fry either side for a few minutes.

Pepper fried eggs

fried egg pepper 1
Cook fried eggs in rings of peppers for a super quick and easy breakfast meal. Cook covered for a perfectly runny yolk!

3 ingredient, 3 minute pizza bagels

pizza bagels recipe 3

Slice and toast your bagel, top with sauce and cheese, microwave for 1-2 minutes. DONE. Get the full pizza bagel recipe here, if you really need it.

Unbland your baked potatoes

jacket potato
Bake potatoes as usual, remove the filling and mix with cheese and other bits and pieces you have to hand (e.g. mayo, spring onion, bacon, peppers, whatever), return to skins and microwave for 1-2 minutes.

Stick almost everything in a toastie

You can put most things between two pieces of toasted bread from fruit and nutella (always a winner) to nachos and even cheeseburgers. > 9 yummy toastie ideas

Pizza eggs

You'll never eat leftover pizza the same again once you've tried these Pizza Eggs.

Turn stale bread into pudding

Turn stale bread into pudding. It also works with other stale bakery products like bagels, hot cross buns, etc.

And brown bananas into cake

Bananas can make for tasty cakes including these banana and chocolate cupcakes with just five ingredients.

Devilled eggs

eggs 1
Similarly with boiled eggs, hard boil then remove the egg and mix with mayo, cheese, and other fillings. Return to the egg and top with bacon, etc.

How to properly peel an orange

How to peel an orange hack
Stop making oranges a chore to peel with this easy life hack.

Make awesome iced coffee

via instagram.com
Make awesome iced coffee with frozen coffee ice cubes.

The perfect sandwich guide

good sandwiches
via imgur.com
No one likes an empty sandwich.

Nacho bag

nachos bag
via imgur.com
Make these super easy nachos by simply adding things like cheese, lettuce, cooked meats and salsa to a bag of tortilla chips.

Use an old squeeze bottle for pancake batter

student hacks b 3
Clean out an empty squeezy bottle and use it for pancake batter. You can fill it up and store it in the fridge for keep for a few days to make pancakes whenever you wish!

Chocolate strawberry bites

Pour melted chocolate into an ice cube tray and add in strawberries. Set in the fridge to leave you with a yummy bite-size dessert.

Eggs in burgers

egg burger 2
For when you want to add protein to your protein.

Freeze fruit

Don't let fruit go off! Peel, cut up and freeze to make yummy iced smoothies or cocktails whenever you so desire straight from the freezer. You can also turn frozen chopped banana into ice cream.

Nutella hot chocolate

Turn the ends of your Nutella into a decadent hot chocolate by adding warm milk to the jar.

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