14 must know cooking kitchen hacks for students

Turns out, you've probably been cooking the hard way all this time.

Easy homemade cereal bars

cereal bar hackVia YouTube.com
Heat cereal with marshmallows in a microwave for 20 seconds, mix, form into bars and let cool. That's simple.

How to peel a banana the right way

banana peel hackVia YouTube.com
That is, upside down.

Quickly separate egg yolks and whites

egg yolk hackVia YouTube.com
Use an empty bottle to trivially separate eggs, just squeeze it, hold it close to the egg and then release the pressure.

Perfect bacon for sandwiches

bacon hackVia YouTube.com
Form bacon into a lattice to make for the perfect slice in your BLT.


pizza wafflesVia YouTube.com
Re-heat pizzas by folding the slices in half, cutting off the crusts and then use a waffle iron. Alternatively, grill or fry either side for a few minutes.

Kitchen scissors

kitchen hackVia YouTube.com
Costing a couple of quid, these scissors are amazing for cutting herbs and the like in the kitchen.

Make rice less boring with this one trick

rice veggie stock cubeVia YouTube.com
Turn bland but cheap rice into a more interesting meal by just stirring in a vegetable stock cube.

Freeze leftover wine

wine cubesVia YouTube.com
Freeze leftover wine and you can then just pop a few cubes into your sauces when cooking.

The correct way to juice a lime

lime juice hackVia YouTube.com
Cut your limes (and other fruit) into multiple pieces to juice rather than just in half.

Cut tomatoes like a boss

tomato cut hackVia YouTube.com
Place them between two places and cut across, slice tomatoes like a ninja.

Trivially peel potatoes

boil potatoes hack
Lightly run a knife around the middle of the potato (not cutting into the skin) then boil for a few minutes, the skin will slide right off.

How to properly peel an orange

How to peel an orange hack
Stop making oranges a chore to peel with this easy life hack.

Make perfect burgers

via momfilter.com
A thumbprint in the middle of the burger will give you a nice and flat patty when finished cooking.

The perfect sandwich guide

good sandwiches
via imgur.com
No one likes an empty sandwic

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