15 storage hacks for University students

Make the most of tiny halls and private rooms with these genius storage hacks ideal that make space out of nothing.

Given the size of some student halls, every little extra space helps!

Here's how to fold T-shirts the right way

t shirt folding hack
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Use Shoe organisers for EVERYTHING

show organiser
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Hang a shoe organiser on the back of your door and use it to keep in EVERYTHING. Shoes - obviously - stationary, cleaning products, toiletries and even food. Seriously useful.

Use a mattress tidy

mattress caddy
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This handy mattress tidy (from Amazon) is great if you don't have a bedside table. You could even make something similar yourself pretty easily.

Keep seasonal clothes in a suitcase

suitcase full
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And shove it under your bed (or elsewhere) to free up room in your draws and wardrobe.

Cereal or shoe boxes become draw dividers

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Organise your draws with just some old cereal or shoe boxes.

Store and hide shoes on the sides of your bed

shoe bed
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A great little idea to free up room elsewhere and keep your dorm tidy.

Turn a shower caddy into easy wall storage

shower cady hack
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It's trivial to hang on an existing screw or clip on the wall.

Toilet roll tubes keep draws tidy

bog roll cable storagevia instructables.com
Use toilet roll tubes to keep your cables perfectly organised

Add more cupboards to your cupboards

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Make use of spare space on top of cupboards in the kitchen by adding boxes or drawers to keep more stuff in.

Use clips to keep cables tidy

clips cable
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Use a cutlery tray for stationary

stationary  organisation hack
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Add a cheap set of draws inside a cupboard

A cheap set of drawers allows you to make better use of the space at the bottom of your wardrobes.

Hang more stuff with hanger connectors

hanger connector
Grab a few space saving hanger connectors to squeeze more onto your clothe rails.

Pringles cans make for great spaghetti storage

pringles spag
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Store your spaghetti in an empty pringles can, it makes the perfect fit. Clearly nature intended this to happen.

Keep takeaway containers

thrifty student hacks 2
Keep takeaway containers and clean them out for future use storing pretty much anything, food or otherwise.

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