7 Ways To Make Money Easy Doing Basically Nothing

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Here's how to rack up some easy spare cash by making money doing really very little.


Swagbucks allows you to earn points (aka Swag Bucks) by filling out surveys & polls, playing games and searching via the web. The Swag Bucks points can be exchanged for all sorts of rewards such as gift cards or just straight cash into your Paypal account. You can also earn points by completing surveys and polls, shopping and watching videos.

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Get Cashback

Use cashback websites such as QuidCo to get money back when you buy goods online, from insurance to food. Rather than buying direct from a website, buy through QuidCo and you'll get paid for every purchase!


The classic way to make money online: Sign up to websites like SwagBucks to make cash in your spare time by completing quick and simple questionnaires. No hard work or long shifts here.

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Free Tesco Vouchers

Get a Tesco Bank Credit Card and use it for all your regular purchases. So long as you pay it off each month, you won't have to worry about interest or fees. As well as improving your credit score, you'll earn club card points on all your purchases which will turn into vouchers with Tesco, or money off at selected other retailers or organisations under the Clubcard Boost scheme.

Sign up for a FREE lottery

The Free Postcode lottery is just that. A free lottery! The prize is 'only' £100, although that can roll over each day if no one claims it. Enter your postcode now at FreePostcodeLottery.com.


Sell your HAIR

Let your hair grow and then you can make cash by selling it for use in wigs and other products. Bloomsbury Wigs’ guide prices range from £15-£60 for 10-12 inches up to £200 for more than 19 inches. > How to make money by selling your HAIR


Qmee will pay you just to search the web, simple as that! Sponsored ads accompany the search results and you can build up cash rewards which can either be paid out to a Paypal account or donated to a charity of your choice.

Sell copies of your old revision notes

Note Sale
Note Sale allows you to make cash from your old lecture and revision notes. You can upload your own notes and set a price, ranging from pence to pounds, and will keep 75% of all cash made. The site covers everything from GCSE to degree level, so you may want to dig up your old school work to turn into money!

About the author: Thomas Brella

Thomas Brella is the founder of Student Hacks, starting the website in 2013 while studying at the University of Brighton to share tips and tricks on life as a cash-strapped student. He's now spent over 10 years scoping out the best ways to live on a budget

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