9 revision hacks for A level students

Kick start your A Level Revision in 2015 with these awesome revision hacks and cheats.

Motivate yourself with treats

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Learn from the donkey and carrot and motivate yourself with treats for completing work or reading.

Buy one of THESE

Invest in a so-called kitchen safe (Amazon) that you can use to lock away food and gadgets for a set period of time: Kick procrastination to the curb!

Learn to speed read

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Speed reading helps you take on board information from text more quickly, allowing you to revise more in the same 30 minute session you’ve set for yourself. Google how to do it!


It's been shown that sleeping improves memory so there's your excuse.


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WrittenKitten helps motivate you to write more with cute pictures of kittens, what could be better? For every 100 words you write – and that’s an amount you can increase if you so desire – it’ll show you a brand spanking new photo of another kitten.

Use interpretive dance

Apparently* this one works. Channel your revision with some interpretive dance, give it a try with the Quadratic formula or your favourite trigonometry function (for the record, ours is tangent).

* So we’ve been told

Compose a song

You probably know that if a song is catchy enough you’ll probably never forget it, usually to the point of it driving you crazy. Fortunately you can use this technique to help you revision by turning your notes to songs, such as this handy three minute ditty about the elements of the period table.

Make a jigsaw

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Make yourself a puzzle. This is a great way of learning and testing yourself on definitions or formulas in particular.

Love SlideShare

Watching presentations allows you recap in quite a lot information very quickly in easy to remember bitesize chunks. At least, hopefully! Chances are you’ll have slides from your classes available, but you should also check out the brilliant SlideShare website to see if you can find slides from other sources.

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