16 tasty meals you can cook in the microwave

Microwave blueberry muffin mug

Cooking is pretty easy with these tasty microwave meals which range from plain ol' bacon to full dinners.

Chocolate refrigerator cake

student-eats-recipes-21This no bake, simple refrigerator cake with chocolate and dried fruit is a fool proof recipe.

Chicken curry

microwave-chicken-curry-1You can cook a fully chicken curry in the microwave, far faster than calling up the takeaway.

Microwave brownies

student-recipes-easy-51Have a craving for brownies? Try this super quick microwave brownies recipe... you'll need just ten minutes!

Pizza bagels

pizza-bagels-recipe-3These 3 ingredient pizza bagels is a must for students requiring just a toaster and a microwave

Pizza Nachos

pizza-nachos-3Pizza Nachos: For when you just can't decide which of the two tasty student staples you want to eat.

Cookie in a mug

student-recipes-eats-15Here's how to make a warm, gooey and melting chocolate chip cookie in a mug using just a microwave!

Mexican hot dogs

student-recipes-food-meals-12You can cook these mexican hotdogs in the microwave in minutes. They make for a great near instant midnight snack.

Chicken fajitas

microwave chicken fajitas recipe
Yes: You make whole meals in minutes, such as these microwave chicken fajitas.

Carrot cake

carrot cake b 1
An almost nearly instant microwave carrot mug cake for one.


Yup, you can cook bacon in the microwave with ease (and no mess!) - find out how here


Microwave blueberry muffin mug
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Even blueberry muffins can get the microwave treatment, get the how to here

Poached & scrambled eggs

You can cook both poached and scrambled eggs in the microwave.

Potato crisps

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Make your potato (or other root veg) crisps - recipe here.

Steamed vegetables

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You've no excuse not to get your five a day with veggies steamed in the microwave. Works great for carrots, broccoli, asparagus, green beans, peas and peppers.

Mac and cheese

macaroni cheese mug
You make mac n cheese - and cook pasta in general - in the microwave with just a bowl and some added water. Here's how!


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A easy ONE MINUTE meal for one that you can pack full of your favourite herbs, spices, meat and veg. Get the recipe here.

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