A Level revision for Physics: 8 killer resources to know about

AS and A Level Physics revision resources
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A Level Physics is one of the most popular A level subjects but is arguably one of the toughest to take.

There's loads to learn and understand all of which can be tested on in the exam but here to help are some top Physics revision resources for both AS and A Level from notes to videos and practice questions.

Physics revision Notes

Let's start with some top places to get revision notes and guides for all the various Physics topics from fields and Quantum physics to diffraction and materials.

s-cool.co.uk has plenty of A and AS level Physics revision resources including not only notes but also practice questions and guides.

physicsandmathstutor.com contains a huge amount of detailed revision notes for AQA, Edexcel, OCR (A and B) plus WJEC courses.

physicsnet.co.uk - A great resource with revision note applicable to most AS and A2 Level courses.

alevelphysicsonline.com - Provides plenty of revision aides including revision checklists, videos and past papers.

A Level Physics videos

While notes certainly prove helpful, Physics is an A Level where video tutorials really can be a revision life saver, and here's one website you'll definitely want to book mark.

Written by PHd Bob Eagle, the Physics A Level Playlist is an absolutely top notch website to remember.

The site covers pretty much every A Level Physic topic there is: From mechanics, projectiles and circular motion to waves, particles and electricity and even optional modules covering the likes of nuclear physics and astronomy.

a level physics revision video

The videos will also be a big help to those studying A Level Mechanics maths too, which has quite an overlap with the maths in Physics.

Physics Past Papers

Doing practice questions and going over previous papers and mark schemes is one of the key and best revision techniques for Physics or any other A Level.

AQA past papers
OCR past papers (Select your Physics course then scroll down to "Past Papers")
Edexcel, WJEC and CIE past papers

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