Best Dash Cams For Students: Cheapest cameras for insurance deals

Best student dashcams for insurance discount
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Dash cameras are quickly becoming ubiquitous in vehicles and here's why you should get one.

Quick and easy to install, a dashcam is a must for ANY driver but new, student drivers can enjoy significant advantages.

Why to get a dashcam?

Discounts: Some insurers offer discounts off your annual car insurance premium with a dash cam fitted. U

Protect yourself: Dash cams can prove your case in the even of any accident or incident, showing exactly who was to blame. This can help protect your no claims bonus and further reduce car insurance costs.

cheap dashcams for students

Tracking: Some dash cams allow tracking which helps in the event your car is lost or stolen.

Move from car to car: Dash cams are quick and easy to install and you can move them to any future car you get or other one you drive, meaning you need only ever buy one.

Cost: You can pick up a dash cam from just £25 or even less, although we suggest investing a tad more for better features and recording quality.

Best budget dash cams for students

There are several options for cheap dash cams, but we recommend the NextBase 112 Dashcam. This dashcam can be picked up at high street shops and offers car insurance discount with selected companies. With an RRP £49.99, you can currently purchase this dashcam on on Amazon for less than £40 making it a real bargain. Alongside the recording features you'd expect, this budget dashcam features easy installation thanks to a Click & Go Powered Magnetic Mount.

NextBase 112
Price: £49.99 (currently on offer from £39.99) - More info + Buy here!

best student dashcams

NextBase 412GW
Price: £129.99 (currently on offer from £119.95) - More info + Buy here!
A more expensive model, the NextBase 412GW dash cam offers higher quality recording plus inbuilt Wi-Fi. This means that you can send the videos straight to your smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS) to view and share the footage.

Transcend DrivePro 200
Price: £81.02 - More info + Buy here!

Auto-Box B40 A118C Pro
Price: £59.99 - More info + Buy here!

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