Cashback sites: How they work and the best for 2022

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Cash back websites offer a great way to either save a bit of money or make a bit of money, depending how you want to look at it...

It's pretty simple and is something that sounds too good to be true, you simply get paid by websites to buy stuff!

There are of course a few catches and things to look out for with cash back sites, so here's our guide and our list of the best cashback websites.

How it works

Cash back sites work by using affiliate networks. When you buy a product through the cash back website, rather than directly, the cash back website gets a cut of the sale. In turn, they pass a cut of that cut back to you.

The cuts are usually percentage based, so the more expensive products you buy, the more you get back, but bigger products - or services like insurance policies - may attract a fixed cashback amount.

But be warned...

Some people look at cash back sites as a way to make money, but we're not so sure.

You never make any profit with cash back sites, as any dough you get back will be far less than the cost of your purchase.

There are also a few catches: Some sites may require a one-off joining fee or even a monthly instalment amount. If you're only ever going to use the sites occasionally, you may find that any cashback made will be less than this fee!

Further more, don't expect for this to be a quick way to make money, with some shops not paying out for up to three months.

But despite the drawbacks, it's still a great way to end up saving a few pounds here and and there on stuff you're going to buy anyway!

Best Cashback sites 2022

  1. Swagbucks
  2. QuidCo
  3. CashBackToYou
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