Pancake Day 2015: Hacks, tips and tricks for perfect pancakes

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Pancake Day 2015 is HERE. Celebrate with these amazing hacks and tricks to making some deliciously perfect pancakes.

Use an old squeeze bottle for pancake batter

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Clean out an empty squeezy bottle and use it for pancake batter. You can fill it up and store it in the fridge for keep for a few days to make pancakes whenever you wish!

Make pancake cupcakes

Pour pancake batter into cupcake holders and fill with fruit before baking in the oven. Get the full pancake cupcake recipe here

Use cookie cutters


Use cookie cutters to neatly contain pancakes when frying as well as making them into all sorts of adorable shapes!

Creative pancake lollipops

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Turn pancakes into lollipops with this bitesize treat idea. Get the full recipe here


bacon strip pancakes

Pancake + bacon = deliciousness. Full recipe here

Use a sandwich maker for fluffy pancakes

pancakes sandwich maker

If you've got a sandwich maker to hand actually put it to use with fluffy pancakes, see the full guide here.

Banana pancakes


Make healthier fruity pancakes with just two ingredients - get the full 2 ingredient banana pancake recipe here.

Low fat oat pancakes


Another healthier pancake batter mix - get the full low fat oat pancake recipe here.

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