GCSE English Literature: Language key words cheat sheet - download now!

Here's an brilliant GCSE English Literature revision free download for those getting ready for their exams and coursework.

The course looks at both modern and older texts with a mix of poetry, drama and prose.

When it comes to both the English Literature exams and coursework you'll need to answer questions on giving texts and compare various texts with one another.

In every case you'll want to call upon a big vocabulary of key words, ideas and phrases to get an idea and use them right when you explain the author's intentions.

Download GCSE English Literature key words cheat sheet

>> Download Free GCSE English Literature key words cheat sheet <<

How to revise English Language words

One way to test yourself on the formula is to print out the sheet and then hide the right hand side with another bit of paper or a book - can you then explain the term without looking?

You can also stick up the sheet on your wall or refer to it when you're writing essays so the words begin to sink in.

... or create a jig saw!

You can also create your jigsaw by print out the above cheat sheet and cutting out the terms and their explanations.

Mix all the pieces up and make sure you can connect the right word or idea with the definition.

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