Here’s how to get free stuff without being scammed

This is your ultimate guide on how to get genuine freebies in 2017 without being ripped off or scammed.

Yes, real freebies exist and here's all you need to know from our top tips to the best freebie UK websites and best freebie apps.

Start by reading the small print

With some freebies there may be a catch, including having to purchase something (so that it really isn't free at all!) Be sure to read any small print to see just what you're getting and any terms and conditions.

Search for reviews

Before signing up to anything, do a little research into the website or company, look online for reviews and comments. Don’t get too hung up on a single bad report but if no one has anything good to say there is probably a reason for it.

Don't give out payment info

If you don't give any credit card numbers or such like then there's no chance of you ever getting unexpectedly charged for something. Some free trials may ask you to enter payment info and if you do choose to do so make absolutely sure you cancel before any payment is charged.

Sounds too good to be true? It probably is!

You can genuinely get stuff for free such as free samples and freebie rewards but you're never going to get hundreds of pounds in cash, a free car, etc. If an offer sounds ridiculous then it almost certainly is.

Top places for free stuff


Freebie websites

BzzAgent - Offers free products in return for you mentioning them on your Facebook, Twitter and other social pages. and - These websites allow people in your local area to offer up free stuff they may no longer want. Great for things like furniture, etc.

ApplauseStore - The home to free tickets to TV show recordings and filmings.

GumTree (Freebies section) - You can get pretty much anything on Gumtree including stuff for free, from scrap wood, soil and concrete to TVs, sofas, and fire extinguishers. - Offers a mix of freebies, free samples and printable vouchers to use in stores across the country. Current free stuff on offer ranges from pillows to coffee.

Freebie apps

O2 Priority
O2 Priority - Available from the iOS and Android app stores, offers awesome deals and offers, including random freebies from bars of chocolate to cinema tickets. Here's how to get O2 Priority on other networks to enjoy the freebies.

LatestFreeStuff App - Does what it says on the tin really. The regularly updated app 300+ offers that deliver free samples to your door.

WeQ4U - A bit of a specific freebie app, this one allows you to skip phone queues and get through to companies on direct numbers (as opposed to 0800, etc.), making what could be expensive calls on your mobile completely free.

Do you have any good freebie websites or freebie apps that we should add to the list? Make a comment below!

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