How to enjoy O2 Priority moments on other networks

Here's the easy guide to enjoying O2's Priority Moments program from a different network with a simple 'loophole'.

And it costs almost nothing!

What is O2 Priority?

First off, just what is O2 Priority? Well if you don't already know, O2 Priority is a pretty awesome rewards programme for O2 customers, offering everything from freebies to discounts, VIP and pre-sale gig tickets to awesome deals.

o2 priority

How to get O2 Priority

If you're already using an O2 phone, simply download the O2 Priority app or sign in to your account online.

If you're not on O2 and instead on another network you can still enjoy O2 Priority's deals - you just need to get an O2 Number. It's as simple as grabbing a 1p sim on Amazon, or even picking one up for free at an O2 store.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you select the appropriate SIM size for your phone!

When you've got your free O2 sim, simply swap it for the current sim in your phone, download the O2 priority app and register, using the O2 Mobile number from the free sim.

Once this is complete you can then remove the free sim and replace it with your old one from your current network.

You're then left enjoying O2 Priority moments while sticking with your current contract - Hurrah!

Will it keep working?

As it stands, yes, the 'loophole' means you can continue to use the O2 app with your current network. However, we suggest keeping your sim handy in case you ever need to re-register again.

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