A Level Maths revision: Five top sites for notes


A-level Maths revision isn't the best of topics to be going over, but here to relieve the stress are five helpful websites to make the process a lot more easier.

With 2018 A-levels and AS-level exams this month, hopefully these five websites will help you in the right direction.

For: Pure, stats, mechanics
These two websites provide brilliantly detailed notes and exercises for A Level Maths students. The notes cover not only the pure mathematics modules but also Statistics and Mechanics as well.

For: Pure, stats, mechanics, decision, further
For those doing decision and further maths this resource provides complete coverage for your modules. The website also covers Pure, statistics and mechanics modules with a fabulous formula cheat sheet to download and help revise from.

For: Pure, stats, further
An aging resource but with some particularly good detailed revision notes on the further maths modules which can be quite hard to come by.

For: Pure, stats, mechanics, decision, further
A great website run that was set up by the Universities of Loughborough, Leeds and Coventry, the Maths Stats and OR Network and the Educational Broadcasting Services Trust. The resource includes not only revision notes and worksheets, but also handy revision leaflets and video walkthroughs.

As well as covering the pure A Level Maths course, MathsCentre also provides Maths revision resources for the applied maths in other subjects such as Economics and Engineering.

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