8 easy home made gift ideas they'll actually love


Homemade gifts needn't be the sign of a cheapskate: Here are 8 easy DIY gift ideas are that pretty cool and that they'll actually love.

DIY Photo Pendant

DIY Pendant Step 4

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This aged photo pendant present would make a great romantic present for a loved one, especially for Valentine's Day - get the how-to here

Survival kit


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The survival kit idea is a fun gift that can be changed to suit pretty much any occasion from newly weds to parents, new parents and siblings.

Food bouquet

10 Fathers Day Bouquet

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Giving chocolate or other sweet treats as gifts isn't new but the Food bouquet makes it so much more impressive.

Picture Monogram


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An amazing collage idea that's great for celebrating special occasions - get the instructions here

Ice cream gift box


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'Just add ice cream': We want one of these NOW.

Homemade tea towel


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Just a bit more impressive than those face tea towels we ALL made during infant school. Get the instructions here

Photo coasters


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An adorable gift that'll mean memories are never forgotten - learn how here

Bath bombs


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You can buy such gifts off the shelf, but making your own is more fun and means you can make up a custom mix for a truly unique gift - more here

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