How to cure a hangover: 6 ways to help that morning after feeling

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Whether you're just about to go out or just coming in from an all nighter, here are the BEST ways to get rid of - and prevent - that hangover.

Eat before you go out

Eating before you go out will stop you getting so drunk in the first place and mean you simply won't drink as much. A good hearty and fatty meal (e.g. a nice burger) is best for lining the stomach.

Drink water

Stay hydrated throughout the night by making sure you take on plenty of water. That's just water: nothing else. No, ice in a drink does not count.

When you're back home take another good glass before you go off to bed.

Don't go over the top

The best way to go out while avoiding a hangover is just to control yourself. Leave your credit and debit cards at home and take a set amount of cash so that you simply CAN'T drink too much.

The morning after...

Keep drinking water

Stick with hydrating yourself when you wake up with more water. It's healthy for you, honest.

Eat eggs

Get a good, healthy breakfast: Eggs are best for this and they're quick and easy to cook in so many ways. Accompany your eggs with a bit of fruit - banana and kiwis are both good - and some fruit juice (ideally apple). Avoid sugary and caffeine laden drinks like redbull and citrus fruits/juices like orange.

Or just don't go out...

Of course the easiest and completely foolproof way of avoiding a hangover is simply not to go out!