How to make money by selling your HAIR

Hair sell

Here's one odd way to make cash as a student: By selling your HAIR.

Wig makers, doll makers and randomers will pay good money for real human hair and you can make a surprising amount of money if you're lucky enough to be blessed with gorgeous locks.

How to make cash by selling your hair

If you want to make money selling your hair you're going to need quite a bit of it with a minimum of 10 inches of "usable" hair being suggested.

Of course - it should go without saying - hair must be clean, not dry and dandruff free. 'Virgin' (untreated, undyed, etc.) hair is also best.

You should ask your hairdresser to cut your hair, with it being bunched in tight pony tails and cut as close to the scalp as possible to maximise length. See the image below for an example.

Where to sell your hair

There are a number of places to sell your hair with Hair Harvest a good UK site to try, offering a similar service to 'Cash My Gold' type setups: You send them your hair, they'll make you an offer which you can accept or reject.


There's also which is an online market global marketplace for hair where you set the price. This is a better idea if you want to see if someone's actually interested before you cut it off.

Another option is Gumtree from where you and buy and sell pretty much anything.

How much money can you make from your hair

As with a lot of things, it depends how much people will pay. Certain hair types and colours will fetch more than others, and the longer and thicker your hair the better.

Bloomsbury Wigs' guide prices range from £15-£60 for 10-12 inches up to £200 for more than 19 inches.

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