Maths Exam Tips: Killer last minute exam tips for GCSE and A Level Maths

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Whether your studying for a GCSE or A Level Maths Exam, here are some top last minute exam tips.

If you've just days or even hours to go until your 2018 test, here's a quick run down of things to remember for the exam.

Don't stop revising!
If you've still got some free time to go before the exam, even if its on the bus to school or college, use it to revise your Maths. Take your notes, books or past papers with you to practice. Make use of every spare minute in your day.

Use YouTube
YouTube isn't just for funny cat videos. There are a whole host of cool guides for Maths topics which can be a great way to learn away from the usual reading. You can also use them to revise as you walk to school.

We suggest, which covers both GCSE and A Level Maths.

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Last Minute Maths Exam Tips

Always show your working
In order to get full marks in a lot of questions you must show your working. Even if you end up getting the final answer wrong, the use of the correct method will be awarded.

Answer all the questions
You're certain to get zero if you put nothing down, so even if you're genuinely completely stumped, have a random guess from what you do know.

But be careful not to waste time when you've got questions still to answer that you can do. If you're stuck, move on and return to those that have left you stumped at the end.

Make your final answer clear
If you've done a lot of working out, make sure to clearly highlight your final answer so it is not lost. Cross out anything you don't want the examiner to consider.

Do a common sense check
Check your answers with a bit of common sense. For example, a probability should always be between 0 and 1 (or 0 and 100%). The adjacent length of a triangle shouldn't be longer than the hypotenuse, and so on.

Watch for units and rounding
Read the question carefully and see if the answer needs to be given in a specific unit, which may need to be converted.

Make sure that you also always keep calculations in the same unit, so no multiplying metres by centimetres.

Finally, only round the final answer at the end - not any numbers you may get when working out.

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Check your equipment
Before the day of the exam, ensure you have all the right equipment ready including - if required - a calculator.

Get a good sleep and eat well
Have a good night's sleep the day before, eat a good breakfast and drink lots of water to keep you hydrated. Arriving in the exam room with a hangover is not the best way to go...

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