14 student life hacks for the ultimate thrifty student

pizza plate

You say cheapskate, we say thrifty: Here are top student life hacks for the nearly broke student.

No plates, no problem

pizza platevia reddit.com


Wallmounted 'TV' on the cheap

wall mounted tvvia reddit.com
Use 3M wall clips

Turn old containers into bowls

container bowlvia reddit.com

Store spaghetti in Pringles cans

pringles spag
via thriftysue.com

Use a pen to keep books open

pen bookvia reddit.com

And to keep food fresh for longer

pen crispsvia reddit.com


Pizza box dustpan

dustpan pizza boxvia reddit.com
AFTER you've eaten from it, obviously.

Coke can stationery organiser

coke can pencil holdervia reddit.com

Make a cheap iPhone speaker

thrifty student hacks 1
A bowl or glass can make for a surprisingly good improv speaker system.

Who buys a colander?

no colandervia blippitt.com
Probably doesn't work as well with rice though.

'Posh' cups

student cupsvia theberry.com

A thrifty Christmas

cheap christimas treevia failblog.cheezburger.com

Computer cooker

computer cookervia dumpaday.com
Why let good heat go to waste?

Improvised tongs

improv tongsvia izismile.com

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