Free Cinema Tickets: How to see the latest films totally free

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Here's how to get completely FREE cinema tickets, absolutely no catches.

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Free cinema tickets for students to watch the latest films are available online, in magazines, newspapers and more and they are completely FREE.

Not only do you not have to spend any money, there are no competitions to enter, tokens to collect or any of that other nonsense. Just completely FREE cinema tickets.

Free cinema tickets! What's the catch?

There is none! The free tickets are offered by film distributors to early preview screenings of upcoming films, generally in a bid to gauge audience reaction and to generate word of mouth advertising.

So that means not only are the movie tickets free, you'll be seeing films before most others too.

The only downside is that you can't pick and choose and when to go and there are only a limited selection of dates and venues. But hey, they're FREE and it's a great way to spend a night without spending any cash.


So how do I get these free cinema tickets?

You can't just walk up to a counter at your local multiplex and book, unsurprisingly.

There are a number of specialist websites that offer tickets. They will email members a special code that you must use to book the tickets online that can then be printed to watch the film.

Good websites to sign up to include

They'll email their members with the codes to book free tickets to screenings at cinemas around the UK.

You should also check out, who collect all the latest codes to the various screenings as and when they are made available.

Any tips?

First of all, be super fast. Screenings are limited and tickets are issued on a first come and first served basis. It's not unknown for tickets to be gone within 24 hours or even sooner once being made available, especially for poplar upcoming titles.

Second, be opened minded: You can't pick and choose which movies will have tickets available so don't be afraid to try watching a film you might otherwise not go to see, they're FREE tickets after all.

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