Get cash from your old mobile phone: Which site pays the most?


Grabbing some cash for your old mobile phone is an easy way to make a few quid from something that's no doubt lying around in a draw somewhere, but who pays the most?

There are now hundreds of companies offering mobile recycling, but the prices they offer vary wildly.

You can cash in easily with your old phone if you've just enjoyed an upgrade, with companies paying out hundreds of pounds even for broken phones.

But which company pays the most for your old phone? Here's a look at the cash you can get for your old mobile...

Sell your old mobile for cash

Website iPhone 7 (2016) Galaxy S7 (2016) Nokia 3200 (1999)
Simply Drop £360 £240 £0.10
envirofone £350 £250 N/A
Top Dollar Mobile £180 N/A £0.03
Fone Bank £360 £240 N/A
Mobile Phone Xchange £330 £210 £0.10
EE Recycle £330 £210 N/A

Quotes based on iPhone 7 32GB, Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB. Quotes obtained March 2017.


So what can we tell from this?

First of all, if your phone is quite old it's probably not really worth the effort.

Second of all, the phone your selling matters with iPhones getting more money than Samsung mobiles of the same age.

As for which company pays the most, in our test Simply Drop offered the most cash for the iPhone but Envirofone offered slightly more for the Galaxy S7.

Also, not all companies made offers on our phones.

The conclusion? As always, it's to shop around and never settle on your first offer!

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