Make cash as a student from your revision notes

note sale

Students in need of some extra cash listen up: You can now turn your lecture and revision notes into money.

New website Note Sale allows students to sell their own lecture notes to other students.

You can set a price for your work that other students will pay, with prices ranging from less than a pound to more than a tenner, with you getting 75% of all the money made.

The site covers all types of exams from degree level down to A levels and through to GCSEs, so if you've still got your old school work around you could get some money out of it.


From the other side, the website is also a great place to get cheap revision guides for your own courses if you're in need of help.

Written by other students who have taken the same or similar exams, and a lot less costly than glossy hardback revision books, you can now revise on the cheap and buy just what you need.

You can also preview and review the notes before committing with your purchase.

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