Make money from your driveway by renting it out for cash

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If you've got spare space on your driveway you could be missing out on some easy money.

Obviously this money making plan is a bit limited, if you're in halls you can forget about it.

But if you've got a driveway, car parking space or garage that you're not using you can rent it out for a fee.


Websites like and connect money saving drivers with car-free house holders.

You can set exactly how much you want to charge with prime parking places making up to £100 a day.

However location will be a big factor - being in a big city or near a particular attraction, such as tourist landmarks, stadiums and arenas or train/tube stations - will allow you to cash in, but if you live out in the sticks it's probably not worth even bothering to post an ad.

Even if you don't have a driveway, the website is also good if you ever want to save money on parking by looking at cheaper options when travelling into built up areas or for events such as concerts.

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