How to make money by selling your old University books

revision tip 2017

Stop those old University books from collecting dust and turn them into cash: Here's how to Make money by selling your old textbooks!

Even second hand, University textbooks can fetch quite a bit of money with some sought after academic books fetching upwards of £50.


But where to sell them? From online to bookshops to you're pals, here's a few ideas...


Amazon and eBay

The two obvious choices: Both Amazon Marketplace and eBay allow you flog your books (and quite a lot of other stuff, too). You can either set your own price or let the market decide. However for popular books, you may find there's lots of copies going around which will push down the prices, plus there are the fees to consider as well as postage.

The Book Pond

The Book Pond is a website that connects students wanting books to other students selling them nearby. You can post what books you have and how much you want for them, and interested buyers will contact you to arrange a deal. There are no fees or postage to pay!

In shops

A number of brick and mortar stores - such as Blackwell's Students - offer 'Buy back' schemes where they'll buy your old textbooks off you for cash.

To friends or family

The easiest way to shift your old books for a few quid is to your friends or relatives: There's no hassle, no fees and no postage to pay.

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