Save money by haggling: Top companies to get discounts with


One of the best ways to save some cash is to simply to ask for a discount!

While most people think haggling as something only done down at the local market - or in tasks on The Apprentice - the truth is you'll be surprised at how many companies will cut their prices or throw in freebies if you just ask.

In very competitive markets with lots of rivalries - such as insurance, phone contracts and service providers - the need for businesses to keep your custom means discounts can be relatively easily acquired.

Top companies to haggle with

  • AA Breakdown
  • RAC
  • Sky TV & Broadband
  • Admiral Insurance
  • Three
  • Virgin Media
  • Plusnet
  • BT TV & Broadband

Source: MoneySavingExpert

Top tips

When it comes to haggling, first do you research: Find if you can get a better deal elsewhere and see if your current provider can match or even undercut it.


Use websites such as MoneySupermarket to see what cheaper prices you can find, and use them against who you're already with!

Or you be blunt and tell companies you simply cannot afford their monthly charges or that you're thinking of moving to a rival: You'll be surprised at how flexible they can suddenly become on the price!

Haggling isn't always about asking for a discount however, for example when it comes to big electrical items ask for freebies, from free delivery to accessories, or with car insurance, see if they can throw in free breakdown cover or a courtesy vehicle.

Ultimately, don't be afraid to walk away: If you can get a better offer elsewhere that another company won't match, then leave them to it.

The worst that can happen...

Remember: The worst thing that can happen is being told no. And if they do, don't be tempted to rush in to accept any deals, take your time and do your research before taking up an offer.

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