Mug cake recipes: 12 delicious microwave mug snacks

Chocolate mug cake

Mug cake recipes are a student favourite and these seriously yummy ones prove exactly why.

You can knock these sweet and tasty treats out in just the one cup, in the microwave, in just 5 minutes (or less).

And costing just a few pence per portion really what is there not to love about mugcakes?!

Chocolate mug cake

Chocolate mug cake

The Classic. Sweet and simple. You'll need just five minutes and a handful of ingredients for this handy recipe.

> Five minute chocolate mug cake


Blueberry muffin in a mug

Microwave blueberry muffin mug
Even blueberry muffins can get the microwave mug treatment, get the how to here


Microwave cookie in a mug

Cookie in a mug

If you're in need of a warm, gooey cookie in minutes (happens, probably) then this one is for you. A melt in the middle, chocolate chip cookie in a mug.

> Cookie in a mug recipe


Carrot mug cake

carrot cake b 1

A sweet and spicy carrot cake in a mug that takes minute and a mug cake recipe which doesn't require any eggs.

> Carrot mug cake recipe


Mug cheesecake

strawberry cheesecake
You can also make your faovurite flavoured (or plain) cheesecake in a mug - and here's just how


Avocado mug cake

Mug cakes can be healthy too like this milky avocado cake


Strawberry mug pies

strawberry mug pie
Okay, so it's not really a pie as such but who cares what it should be called when it's so BLOODY DELICIOUS. Get the recipe here


Banana bread (in a mug, of course)

banana bread mug
Use up overripe bananas by mashing them and getting them into this banana bread mug cake how to here


Vegan chocolate mug cake

Vegan Chocolate mug cake

This 2 minute chocolate mug cake recipe is completely Vegan friendly, hurrah!

> Vegan mug cake recipe


Brownie mug cake

Brownie mug cake

Something a bit sweeter: Try this melting brownie chocolate microwave cake in a mug

> Brownie mug cake recipe



Oh no, you can make all sorts in your mug with a microwave , including...

Microwave macaroni cheese in a mug

macaroni cheese mug

Whip up some mac n cheese for one with this three ingredient, 5 minute how to.

> Macaroni cheese mug recipe


Baked cheeey eggs


This one isn't done in the microwave but is still done in a mug and will only take 10 minutes, honest! It's perfect for a super quick, protein rich breakfast.

> Cheesy baked eggs recipe

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