Who Needs Plates? 12 Bizarre Alternative Ways To Eat Your Food

we want plates

If you're cooking and find you don't have any clean plates to hand, here is some inspiration...

The trend of restaurants being different for the sake of it has created a 'We Want Plates' movement.

Demanding that their food is actually served on a plate, people have been gathering examples of, err, unique alternative ways of presenting food...

Burger and fires - in a glass

burger fries glass
via Imgur/tankh

Beef - in a log

beef in log
via Imgur

Gravy - in a can

can of gravy
via Imgur

Wedges - in a beer bottle

wedges in a beer bottle
via Imgur

Cake - on a mirror

cake on mirror
via Imgur

Mac and cheese - in a giant mouse trap

mac and cheese giant mousetrap
via Imgur

Breakfast - in a kitchen sink

american breakfast kitchen sink
via Imgur

Dessert - in an ash tray

dessert in ash tray
via Imgur

Sandwich - in a glass

sandwich in a glass
via Imgur

Drink - in a light bulb (in a glass)

drink in a lightblub in a cup
via Imgur

Food - on a pair of bricks

food on bricks
via Imgur

Dinner - in a wicker baster and on a garden trowel

In a basket and a garden trowel
via Imgur

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