Pass Plus: Is it worth the cost and worth doing?

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Pass Plus is often sold as a way for new, younger drivers to save money on their insurance premium by taking extra lessons after they've passed their driving test, but is it worth the money?

The cost of pass plus varies depending on instructors, but it usually ranges between £100 to £150 pounds.

It's claimed you can save hundreds on your car insurance by taking the extra course but just how much can a newly qualified drivers save?

We got the five cheapest quotes from a select number of insurers both with and without a pass plus qualification. Some insurers didn't offer any discount and those that did, offered minimal deduction.

With Pass Plus costs usually over £100 to us the answer is clear, financially Pass Plus is simply not worth it.

Pass Plus insurance savings example

Insurer Premium Discount with Pass Plus
Admiral £1,173 £13
Elephant £1,184 £13
Diamond £1,197 £12
ESure £2,214 £0
Admiral (Telematics) £1,397 £15

Source: Moneysupermarket, May 2018. Quotes based on newly qualified male driver, 18, driving a 1.2 L Vauxhall Corsa


Of course, Pass Plus has quite a few major benefits beyond just a saving on insurance.

The six hour long course is approved by the Driving Vehicle and Standards Agency (DVSA) and is taught by a qualified instructor (ADI).

The extra hours - which include Motorway tuition - are a sure confidence booster to any new driver and will help not only in preventing accidents but also with efficient driving, both of which will also save you money in the long run.

Pass Plus discounts

Some local councils offer part of even FULL discounts, paying for the cost of pass plus for you. See Pass Plus information on Gov.UK for all you need to know.

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