10+ cheap ways to stay fit and lose weight without the gym


Few of us like to work out and none of us like having to spend cash doing it.

Here are ten plus ways to stay in shape and lose weight without that expensive gym membership.

Run or jog

Ditch the treadmill and hit the streets! You can run - or just walk - pretty much anywhere even if it's just around the block. Why are you paying for the privilege?!


Who needs to pay for an exercise DVD any more? Many YouTube accounts provide great fitness tips, tutorials and workouts all for free. Channels to check out include blogilates, HASfit and The Fitness Marshall.

Cycle and/or walk more

Save not only some cash by ditching your gym membership but also cut your travel costs by walking or cycling to University or any other trips you may make.

Learn exercises without weights

There's an endless array of exercises that you can do to keep fit from the comfort of your own home without the need for weights or other gym equipment. From the basics that we all know about such as star jumps and push ups to the mouthful that is the Side plank with reach-under rotation, do a search for Weight-Free workouts.

Change your diet

Getting fit and losing weight isn't just about exercise. Swap the ready meals and takeaways for healthier options (cook for yourself!) and you'll not only feel better but save money too.

Water, lots of water

It's not just what you eat. Ditch the morning coffee, cans of cola and avoid getting drunk every night and switch to water. Not only is it a lot cheaper, it's a lot better for you. Invest in a good quality water bottle and keep it topped up and with you when you head out.

Pick your own food

Work up a sweat by swapping the supermarket for the farm. Depending on the season, and the weather, head out into the fields and pick your own fruit or veg. Many local farms offer opportunities to pick your own grub.

Think beyond the treadmill

Excise can be serious fun - why not have a go at indoor rock climbing? The UK has a surprising amount of climbing walls available, with costs starting from as little as £5 a session, without expensive contracts that seem impossible to cancel. Check out the UK Climbing website to find your nearest.

Use a friend

Get a pal and work out together. You'll be able to help another do more complex moves and spur each other one. Plus, you'll find exercising a lot easier if you pass the time chatting away - just don't get too distracted you put off actually doing anything!

Join a society or sports team

Your university or college will have probably hundreds of different sports teams or societies to join from the mainstream to sports you've never heard of before. Usually free or at most a nominal weekly amount, it's far cheaper than a gym membership.

Free or cheap gym visits

If you just can't help but visit the gym - why pay more than you ave to? Many gyms offer free trials or passes where you can make use of their facilities of free. Head over to Anytime Fitness to grab yourself a completely free day pass to one of their gyms. You can also find gyms such as Total Fitness which offer cheaper memberships for students or those who only visit off peak.

About the author: Thomas Brella

Thomas Brella is the founder of Student Hacks, starting the website in 2013 while studying at the University of Brighton to share tips and tricks on life as a cash-strapped student. He's now spent over 10 years scoping out the best ways to live on a budget

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