Save Money Today: The Car Insurance Hacks You Have To Try

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With car insurance premiums currently rising in the UK, and set to rise even more in the next few years, many drivers are feeling the pinch.

Even more worryingly, a lot of consumers are paying for insurance cover they don’t even need. You might also be needlessly shelling out money for insurance: when was the last time you checked your cover? Here are the simple things you can do right now to help you lower your insurance premium.

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Have you got the right cover?

An insurance policy with a comprehensive cover will attract a higher premium, so consider carefully what level of cover you really need. Call up your provider in the first instance: they’ll be able to help you decide what cover is best for you. You can also shop around on price comparison sites to see what other deals are out there, as you might be better of switching providers. Often companies will make the switch as easy as possible for you, so don’t be put off by seemingly complex forms.
Top tip: Tell your insurance provider you’ve found a better deal elsewhere to see if they will make you a better offer.

The correct car

Many people don’t know this, but cars are actually ranked into insurance groups which run from 1 to 50. Cars in the 1st insurance group are deemed the safest and attract the lowest premiums. Your car dealership should be able to give you advice on insurance groups.
Top tip: Avoid sporty, racer models and favour safe, well-designed cars.

Black box

Recently some providers have started to offer black box (telematics) car insurance policies. By letting your insurance provider install safe driving technology in your car, you can lower your premiums (caveat: only if you drive safely). This is great for safe drivers, but these types of policies often have higher start-up costs.
pass plus

Pass Plus

It’s always a good idea to develop your driving, and by signing up for a booster course like Pass Plus you can actually lower your car insurance premium. An intensive driving course like Pass Plus makes you a safer driver by giving you more hands-on driving experience with the support of a qualified instructor.

Safe car, safe driver

Keeping your car safe, locked away in a secure garage instead of parking it on the street, can lower your insurance premium. Avoid any car modifications as these may also drive up your premium. If you want to make any changes to your car, opt for things like theft-detecting alarms instead of glittery headlights and bigger exhausts.

Excess excellence

If you agree to voluntarily pay more excess, your insurance premiums will go down. But remember to balance this with the value of your car, and if you do get into a scrape, you will end up paying more.

On the road

Keeping the mileage low on your car can help you lower your premium. Unfortunately driving for business purposes means you will pay more for your cover, so remember to factor this in to your budget.

No safety in numbers

Avoid putting everyone in your household on the policy, as this can negatively affect your premium, especially if you include young inexperienced drivers. You can always add people to the policy temporarily if you need to.

No claims discount

A no claims discount means you can capitalise on the fact that you have not made any insurance claims to date. Different providers have different rules on no claims discounts, but sometimes an accident that isn’t your fault will not affect your no claims discount.

Bulk buy

Avoid monthly payments, as direct debits often include interest rates. Try to pay for your policy all at once if you can or opt for termly payments.

Photo by Monkey Business Images/REX
Photo by Monkey Business Images/REX

Drive safe

Most importantly, always drive safe! Avoid risk behaviour such as speeding and cutting people off. Not having any penalty points affects your car insurance policy positively, lowering your premium.

Have you found other ways to save on your car insurance? Please share your tips below.

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