7 surprising ways to de-stress during exam season

Exam stress

Whether it's exams, work or just life in general that is currently getting to you here are some top if unusual tips on how to relax and unwind.

Exam stress


Sing or hum

Singing or simply humming a nice little ditty can help calm you!

how to de stress3

Enjoy a bath

Take a nice warm bath! Not got the time? Don't worry, just running your hands through warm water can work just as well.

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Chewing helps to de-stress by reducing your cortisol levels (cortisol being the 'stress hormone') . You can buy gum but something celery is a lot cheaper and healthier. It's a so-called 'zero calorie' food and contains great compounds like apigenin.


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Just grab some paper and a pen and let your hand run wild, get it all out!

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Write a Diary

Writing a diary can also be a great way to get things off your chest. Simply putting it down into words can help you relax.

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EAT! (Healthy!)

Ditch sugar, refined carbs and junk fats for a healthier alternative. Perhaps some more celery.

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Chocolate fixes anything, we like to think. Dark chocolate in particular has lots of health benefits, in moderation, from stress reduction to lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol. Just don't go eating a full family size bar yourself every night.