A Level revision for Biology: 8 killer resources to know about

AS and A Level Biology revision resources

as a level biology revision

A Level Biology is one of the most popular A level subjects but is arguably one of the most challenging to revise.

There's loads to learn and understand all of which can be tested on in the exam but here to help are some top Biology revision resources for both AS and A Level from notes to videos and practice questions.


Biology revision Notes

Let's start with some top places to get revision notes and guides for all the various Biology topics from cells to genetics and genes, reproduction to evolution.

s-cool.co.uk has plenty of A and AS level Biology revision resources including not only notes but also practice questions and guides.

biology-innovation.co.uk contains a huge amount of detailed revision notes split into four categories: Microbiology, Biochemistry, Plant Biology & Ecology and Human Biology.

biologyguide.net - A great resource for those taking the Human Biology A Level and those revising the Human Biology units and topics of the pure Biology course too.


mrothery.co.uk - Focused on the AQA biology courses, the site has good notes and practice questions that will be useful when revising for any Biology course.

A Level Biology videos

A Level Biology revision

Using videos to revise can often be far more help than just pages and pages of notes, especially for more complex ideas that are hard to put into words. Fortunately YouTube channels have you covered for both AS and A Level revision. The channels are aimed at the OCR Biology courses but many of the videos will be helpful for whatever course you are studying.

OCRBiologyAS on YouTube

Biology Past Papers

Doing practice questions and going over previous papers and mark schemes is one of the key and best revision techniques for Biology or any other A Level.

AQA past papers
OCR past papers (Select your Biology course then scroll down to "Past Papers")