Ultimate guide to cheap flights for students: Top tips to save money

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Here's how you can save quite literally hundreds of pounds on flights with some surprising tips.

We all know the price of flights fluctuates wildly depending on when you buy, but just When to book a flight for the cheapest price? Here's just how to plan your getaway and save cash.

The kind folks over at Kayak.co.uk have done all the number crunching for us to reveal when you book and when you plan to fly can mean the difference of over £300.

The cheapest days to fly

The cheapest day to fly out tends to be Thursdays, with return legs cheaper on either a Tuesday or Thursday. Basically, in the middle of the week is the best. Of course, this may vary at particular times of the year (think Valentines day, Easter, Christmas, etc).

Cheap flights by booking early? Not always!

The earlier you book, the cheaper your flight, right? Well, it's not always the case.

For flights within Europe, the prime time to book is a month before you travel, with ticket costs going up if you buy further in advance.

When it comes to further afield, sometimes it plain just doesn't matter: Flying out to Asia or North America, there's only a relatively negligible £12 to £20 difference in price depending when you book.

Flying out to Africa, the Caribbean, South America however and booking later is best.

And as for Central America, the cheapest flights are offered when you book around 3 months before flying.

  Months in advance ticket brought
Destination One Three Six
Europe £159 £175 £191
Africa £570 £661 £606
Asia £647 £654 £667
Caribbean £712 £767 £796
North America £668 £673 £680
Central America £735 £576 £893
South America £818 £841 £922

Source: Kayak.co.uk

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