11 ways to make money in your SLEEP

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Here's how you can top up your bank balance with some cash injections that are so easy you can (mostly) complete them your sleep.

Make and sell custom T-Shirts

Websites like Zazzle allow you to make custom T-shirt designs with ease and put them up for sale online. You come up with the idea and they do all the hard work from printing to shipping and collecting money.

Sell photos

Into photography and have some cool holiday photos? Or perhaps some newsworthy snaps of a headline making story? You can upload photos to stock websites or news agencies and then sit back. Anyone that uses them will pay you a fee.

For stock photography try Adobe Stock and Shutterstock. For news images visit Cavendish Press

Grow your hair, cut it off, then sell it

Let your hair grow and then you can make cash by selling it for use in wigs and other products. Bloomsbury Wigs' guide prices range from £15-£60 for 10-12 inches up to £200 for more than 19 inches.

Sell ad space on your car

You can make money by selling ad space on your car, earning up to £100 a month with Car Quids. Once the ads have been stuck on, you're making money day or night without lifting a finger.

Get easy compensation

If you've been delayed on a plane or train over the past few years you may be entitled to some easy compensation. Fill out a form, sit back and claim back what's yours! Find information here for flights and here for trains.

Sign up for a FREE lottery

The Free Postcode lottery is just that. A free lottery! The prize is 'only' £100, although that can roll over each day if no one claims it. Enter your postcode now at FreePostcodeLottery.com.

Make and sell stock web content

If you're the creative type then you could get a steady income from stock content. While you'll need to be awake to come up with things like web templates, graphics or music, but the Envato Marketplaces allow you to trivially publish them and get paid for every use.

House sit

House sitting is another option for easy money, being paid to look after a house while the owners are away. TrustedHouseSitters.com is a good place to look for opportunities across the world.

Rent your parking space

If you've got a parking space you're not using then be sure to see if you can make some cash by renting it out. If you live near popular attractions such as train stations or football stadiums you can make quite a bit from your unused land!

MORE: > Make money from your driveway by renting it out for cash

Earn interest on savings with a good ISA

A Cash ISA is the best risk-free savings account you can get so even if you’ve not got much cash spare, open one anyway. Always be on the look out for a good deal and don’t be afraid to switch for the best interest rates.

Get a refund on your TV license

You can potentially get a 25% refund off your TV Licence if you go back home for the summer - see TV license refund information here!

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