15 ways to make money as a student

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Saving money is one thing but how about making money as a student? With not much free time a full job is out of the question but here are 15 ways to getting some extra cash...


Earn money for completing various surveys on products or brands, as well as watching ads and playing games. Top sites include SwagBucks. You can collect points which are redeemed for either a transfer to a Paypal account or vouchers for various websites and shops.


Cashback sites like QuidCo pay you to shop through them giving you a percentage of any products or services you buy from groceries to insurance. See our guide to the best cashback sites for more tips.


Make money with your phone

Money making apps can help you make money from just tapping away on your phone with one-off mini tasks for companies. They can include everything from surveys to watching videos.

Get cash with FieldAgent

FieldAgent (App Store link) is a mobile app that offers users mini jobs to complete. Tasks you can take up include taking photos, checking prices of products in shops or scanning barcodes and QR codes

Start using Fiverr

Gig websites like Fiverr allow you to make money doing almost anything you can dream of, whether it involves a talent or not.

Write music reviews

Earn some extra cash by writing music reviews for websites such as Slice The Pie which has paid out over $1,000,000 in rewards already.

Sell your old books

Get some cash for your old text books by selling them on, either to other students directly or via Marketplaces such as Amazon.

Get a student job

From stewarding one-off events to waiting in restaurants, there's plenty of short term, temporary student jobs around that you get into instantly. See our student jobs guide for some top websites to search for work.

Student jobs

Rent your parking space

If you've got a parking space you're not using then be sure to see if you can make some cash by renting it out. If you live near popular attractions such as arenas or stadiums you can make quite a bit from your unused land!

MORE: > Make money from your driveway by renting it out for cash

Become a TV extra

Join up to a TV casting agency to appear on shows as an extra in your spare time for up to £100 a day.

Sell your old mobile phone

See our guide on selling your mobile phone to find out which site pays the most, you can get over £100!

Get money with photo missions

Almost every one has a camera in their back pockets nowadays with smartphones and apps like Clic and Walk (App Store link) allow you to earn money by completing 'photo missions' in stores or at home. Various tasks are sent to your phone, both nationally and in the local area, which involve answering questions, taking photos and scanning barcodes.

Make money from your website or blog

Cash in on visitors to your website or blog with ads, check out our making money with Adsense guide to get started and some top tips.

Become a freelancer

Turn your talent into a job by becoming a freelancer. Whether it's photography or web design, you can make money doing work for others and boost your CV at the same time, and you never know it may even turn into a full time job for you too. See our being a freelancer tips.

Sell custom T-shirts

New website TeeMill allows you to make money by selling unique T-shirts and hoodies online from home, with no costs or risks to you. You can raise cash for yourself or for good charitable causes

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Thomas Brella is the founder of Student Hacks, starting the website in 2013 while studying at the University of Brighton to share tips and tricks on life as a cash-strapped student. He's now spent over 10 years scoping out the best ways to live on a budget

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